There’s more new stuff here than I can keep up with

I realized today that I’ve added two new albums to the site since I last posted a home page update, so here’s the update.

In September 2013 I recorded the appropriately titled Falling, my first full-length album recorded in Logic Pro X. It’s an album of themes loosely based around the concept of the season of fall, and more significantly around the compositional exercise of trying to write a new piece of music every day for a month. I ended up writing 23 new pieces in 15 days and I decided that was enough to go on, then I went back through and refined my favorites into the final version you hear here.

In February 2014 I recorded another album whose concept is primarily a compositional exercise. Entitled Thru, as in through-composed, it’s an album of fleeting, loosely connected musical themes that fade in and out and meander in unexpected directions.