Scott Anderson’s endeavors in home recording date back to a little red cassette recorder from Radio Shack in the early 1980s. The early “field recordings” that resulted — including a successful, Muppet Movie-inspired quest to find a Studebaker while on a family vacation in Branson, Missouri in 1981 — were silly, but they fueled a lifelong interest in audio recording and production.

Later, after joining the school band in 5th grade on clarinet, and subsequently the high school jazz ensemble on saxophone, Scott’s passion for recording experimental and improvisational rock and electronic music really took off when he borrowed the school’s electric bass and taught himself to play it.

The next step was four-track cassette recording, in college, and eventually digital multitrack recording with Pro Tools in 2003.

Scott played bass in a handful of rock bands in Minneapolis and Atlanta around the turn of the millennium. But when fatherhood approached, he decided to refocus his musical efforts on solo home recording.

Since 2007 Scott has been recording with GarageBand (and, since 2013, with Logic Pro X), using a growing array of real and software instruments, including electric and acoustic guitar, 4- and 5-string electric basses, all manner of woodwinds and percussion, and just about every sound that can be conjured with a MIDI keyboard and a computer, or an iPad.