Another RPM Challenge, another idiosyncratic concept. About a month before I began working on this album, I heard the track “8:07” by Global Communication. I was fascinated by how it unfolded: new lines would fade in slowly as earlier ones faded out. No dramatic changes, but a constant shifting and evolution.

I was reminded of a concept I learned in my musical studies in college: “through-composed.” It means a piece of music that does not have repeating themes and refrains. This sounded like a perfect idea for me to experiment with for this year’s RPM album.

Each piece on Thru is a series of 8-measure loops. The loops each repeat 4 times, gradually fading in and out. Each loop is staggered by 8 measures, so no more than 4 loops are playing at once. Each is related to those around it, but the overall composition meanders significantly.

The entire album was recorded using only my Mac and my iPad, using the iPad GarageBand and Logic Remote apps as the sole instrument/controller. The entire album was recorded, mixed and mastered February 4–15, 2014.

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