The concept was simple: I would create one “sketch” — one musical idea, captured in Logic Pro X on the Mac or GarageBand on my iPhone or iPad — per day in September. When September was over, I’d sort it all out, flesh out the tracks that were good enough, and make an album.

Things rarely go to plan. First, I started it all on August 30. Then, some days I recorded more than one sketch. Ultimately, by September 15 I already had 23 sketches and more than enough good ideas for an album, so I switched into “flesh out” mode at that point, and by September 25, less than one month after I’d begun, I had a completed album.

All sounds heard on the album were produced via software instruments, using a MIDI keyboard or touch input, save for the AM radio at the beginning of the first track, which was recorded on my iPhone (Voice Memo!) and produced using my grandfather’s vintage Zenith AM radio, for which the vacuum tubes thankfully have yet to burn out.

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