Inspired by a desire to get back to exploring rich, complex harmonic structures and a more organic feel (even though most of the sounds on the album are still synthesized), along with, strangely enough, a photo I took in October 2015 of the inside of a culvert under the highway in Zion National Park, Elements explores the theme of the ancient elements — water, air, fire, earth and aether — through a series of 3-part suites. On CD the suites are single tracks, running 8½ to 11½ minutes in length, but for online distribution I have broken each “movement” out as an individual track.

The music here is generally in a “prog rock” vein, with the typical instrumentation of the genre, extended multi-part compositions, and plenty of odd time signatures (venturing as far afield as 20/16 — that is, four beats subdivided into five, and unintentionally honoring the year of its creation). But it varies from my typical electronic style to rock, ambient and even orchestral. This may be the most “soundtrack-ready” music I have yet produced.

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