In July 2013 I acquired Logic Pro X, and began the next phase in my journey as a DIY recording musician. This EP is the culmination of my first efforts at getting to know Logic Pro X and unleash its potential. (Hence the EP’s title.)

“Motorik” is a long, intentionally monotonous track with a driving beat inspired by the German “Krautrock” bands of the early 1970s… bands like Can, Neu!, early Kraftwerk, and Faust. It features me on electric guitar, electric bass and keyboards. I began the backing tracks for this in GarageBand for the iPad, which transferred over seamlessly into Logic Pro X.

“Caretaker of the Long Night” was inspired by an article I read about the research and maintenance crews that overwinter at a research station at the South Pole. It sounds like a miserable job, mitigated somewhat by profuse drinking. All sounds on this track were produced within Logic Pro X and played on keyboard or using the iPad companion app, Logic Remote.

“The Far M” is a slightly jazzy tune reminiscent somewhat of Canterbury rock of the early 1970s, along with other influences whose identity apparently eludes me. I originally intended for this track to feature live electric bass (instead I’ve kept the fairly realistic sounding software instrument I laid down as a temporary track while composing the piece), along with live saxophones, but my schedule hasn’t allowed room for that kind of effort. Perhaps this song will see a second life on an upcoming album.

“Amateur Logic” is where it all began. My first serious effort at recording a track in Logic Pro X seemed like a good time to try to get away from the software instruments I’ve been playing around with so much this year. So it consists of three guitar tracks and electric bass. To that I did end up adding some keyboards (including a riff by the Ice King), and something I swore I’d never use: Drummer. Logic Pro X features a new tool that allows you to infinitely mold a set of drum grooves laid down by top session drummers, to create a perfect pro-sounding accompaniment to your track. It feels like cheating, but the results were so good I just had to keep them, at least this one time.

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