So much music, so little time to post

Anyone who’s been checking out this website (ha!) would think I’ve done next to nothing musically over the past year, or at least since the beginning of 2013. I hadn’t updated anything here in nearly a year, except to add a link to my magnum opus (of sorts), 8-Bit Time Machine, which I finished at the end of 2012. (If you want that one on CD, let me know… I have a ton of them!)

But in fact I have been quite busy, both with work and music, in 2013. In addition to dashing off my almost-monthly “Figures” EPs (created with the iPhone Figure app, and part of a series I am calling “disposable music”), I recorded another full-length album in February for the RPM Challenge, called The Picture of Dorian Mode. It was recorded over a 3-day period, entirely in GarageBand on the iPad, and entirely in Dorian Mode.

Then in April, when the Minneapolis winter refused to end, I recorded another iPad-based EP called Soundtrack for an Endless Winter.

But the big news right now is that in July I finally upgraded from GarageBand to Logic Pro X, and as of today I am releasing my first EP of music recorded in Logic Pro, the appropriately titled Amateur Logic.