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Bonus Tracks

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12 2'16"

This track is inspired by John Cage and the early timed Atari 2600 games. Yes, it is silence. I created it primarily to separate the bonus tracks from the "real" tracks on the CD version of the album... but then I decided not to put the bonus tracks on the CD!

13 Central Processing [Early Version]

During the course of recording the album, "Central Processing" probably changed more than any other track. After already working extensively on this version, I ended up raising its pitch by a perfect fourth and completely re-recording the guitars and several of the keyboard tracks.

14 Daydream of the 8-Bit Time Machine [Early Instrumental Version]

This song was almost fully realized from the very beginning, but one element I experimented with was the drum sound. Here is a version using Linn Drum sounds rather than the "real" (not really real) drum sounds I went with for the final version.

15 Atari Experiments

It took numerous attempts to get the right feel for "Pit of 100 Trials". This track includes a few early experiments I did with Atari 2600 game sound samples just before finding the groove that became the album version of the track.

16 Horizontal Hold [Prog Section Outtake]

"Horizontal Hold" originally began as one of my numerous failed attempts to create a song to represent the "Pit of 100 Trials" concept. Before I realized it worked well as "Horizontal Hold," the song included this faster, prog rock inspired section I ended up dropping. I've left in bits of the rest of the song so you can hear how the transitions worked. (Or, rather, didn't.)

17 100 Trials [Jam Band Outtake]

Yet another attempt to create "Pit of 100 Trials," this time it was a jam band groove. Kind of cool, but as with most jam band music, it didn't go anywhere.

18 Game Over [Unaccompanied Alchemy]

"Game Over" was one of three tracks on the album that began on the iPad. (The others are "Central Processing" and "Horizontal Hold".) For this track, I used the Alchemy app to record some synthesizer washes with a pulse, which became the basis for the full "Game Over" track. This is that Alechmy track, alone. It was used unaltered, as it appears here, in the album version of the song, just with a lot of other parts layered over it.